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"Sabrina, She sits at the front desk. Sabrina is lovely. The first time I walked in the door, she was professional, warm and her tone on the phone when I initially called never changes as she multi-tasks. It was a pleasure seeing her 2 or 3 times per week. Sabrina-You are outstanding. You make the initial experience warm, inviting and really comfortable!! "
May 14, 2021
"Very professional staff and well equipped facility. Amy treated me like a person not a number and showed genuine interest in my recovery but with strict discipline to adhere to the program. She is a valuable asset to OPPT. "
Jul 31, 2020
"There are not enough good things that I can say about Optimum PT. My first visit with them was several years ago after a car accident which injured my neck, back and both knees. They were wonderful and due to their expertise I was able to function without pain. Over the years, my injuries will periodically “act up” and Optimum has always been accommodating and professional. Recently, I was unable to walk or move without excruciating pain. I have a new MD and the PT referral was sent to a different & supposedly highly respectable PT facility. When I called that facility, I was told that I could not be seen until the middle of December (4 weeks later). There was no compassion about my situation. I called the doctor and told her that I wanted the referral sent to Optimum (which I should have done from the beginning). The doctor sent the referral that morning and I was seen by Gina that same afternoon. Margaret, Gina, and their staff are always caring, compassionate and professional. I highly recommend Optimum PT. "
Nov 29, 2019
"I wish the best rating was a #10 because that is surely what I would give Optimum PT. I have gone to several PT places while I worked in Manhattan and none came close to the attention and great service I received at Optimum. Margaret and Gina are the best and have a wonderful staff. They care and follow your progress every time you go. They know what each person needs and when to push to advance. I recommend Optimum PT for anyone needing PT for any reason. They are wonderful. Can't say enough good things about them. Thank you Optimum for making me better. Lorraine"
Nov 14, 2019
"Optimum physical therapy is one of the best clinics in Westchester!!! The therapists are knowledgeable, kind, and attentive. They always address my complaints of pain with seriousness and appropriate exercises. The facility is clean and the front desk staff is welcoming. All in all, I have experienced a decrease in pain and increased levels of strength that I never had before. Thank you Optimum!"
Nov 07, 2018
"Was told about Optimum for there exceptional personal service. So I have it a try, I’ve been to other PT’s for a badly arthritic ankle and never felt any lasting relief. Was given Taylored Excerises and instructed on the type of orthodic aids that will help keep the pain at bay. Now I went from a 10 level pain to on most days 3-4 pain level. A real treat for a person who’s been in chronic high level of pain. Thank you Optimum Physical Therapy!"
May 12, 2018
"I was so happy with my recovery at Optimum Physical Therapy. The staff in attentive and knowledgable. I was able to resume my golfing and feel much better with the home exercise program. Thank you Optimum."
Mar 22, 2017
"I received excellent care at Optimum Physical Therapy. The staff is very attentive and professional.. I highly recommend this place. Very happy."
Mar 09, 2017
"Great place with a great atmosphere. Very caring and attentive staff. Will definitely get well here. Highly recommended."
Mar 08, 2017
"I came to Optimum Physical Therapy after my knee surgery. I was very impressed with the quality of care I received and the speed of my recovery. I highly recommend this facility because I have tried other facilities and did not get the results I was hoping for."
Mar 01, 2017
  • Thank you Margaret, Gina and Staff for the roles you played in rehabbing my left knee. Your love for what you do and professionalism shines! I’ll recommend you to everyone I know who needs physical therapy.

    In thanks & gratitude!

    Kerry T.

  • Great treatment from a professional staff! Care is individual. I was amazed that on my second visit I was addressed by my name, even without the sign in register. I would definitely recommend others here. Great job and keep up the good work!

  • Dear Margaret and Company,
    I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me. Before I came to Optimum PT, the pain in my back and leg was unbearable and consuming every minute of the day. Since my first trip to ‘the back’, I was confident that you knew exactly what was wrong and were dedicated to alleviating the pain and ultimately healing me. Your wonderful staff did an outstanding job encouraging me and commending me for every improvement I made. These past 8 weeks have been life changing and spirit lifting. I remember barely being able to tie my boots and now I’m bicycling for miles, hiking up a storm and more enthusiastic about everything.

    Thank You so much!


  • I’ve recommended Optimum to several people and will continue to do so.

    I was referred to Optimum by my primary care physician even though the facility has its own in house PT department. I found everyone at Optimum to be very friendly, caring and thoroughly trained and knowledgeable with their job.

    Upon entering the facility the receptionist makes you feel very comfortable and at ease. After the first visit she knows your name and remembers what area of the body you are there to have treated.

    I was having treatments for lower back pain which subsided after a month of visits and was able to discontinue treatment. However, after being away from therapy for 3-1/2 months I found myself returning for treatment to my knee and as soon as Megan heard my name over the phone she asked me how I was feeling and how my back was.

    I find Margaret to be exceptionally skilled in providing treatment and very thorough when she does the initial intake evaluation. She asked many questions about my condition and offered advice on how to avoid further injury and ways to deal with the pain. Margaret also is extremely friendly and goes out of her way to make the patient feel comfortable when receiving treatment.

    Lower Back / Knee Pain

  • Optimum offers compassionate therapeutic treatments.

    I was referred to Optimum Physical Therapy by an orthopedic surgeon affiliated with hospital of special surgery in Manhattan.

    The ongoing mission of Margaret Dibbini is to set realistic goals and continuously encourage personal achievement. My Medical progress after the first month of physical therapy was so significant, I nicknamed her “Miracle Margaret”.

    Compound Elbow Fracture

  • You and your staff certainly reflect the name of your facility “Optimum” Physical Therapy.

    A few months ago I injured my right side, I could not sit, bend or walk straight; I thought that there was no way I would ever resume my gardening, which is my passion. Though a little skeptical, after seeing other physical therapists, it was suggested that i go to Optimum Physical Therapy. After 12 visits much to my surprise my mobility was restored to 100%.

    Margaret, simply in terms of concern and compassion, you and your staff certainly reflect the name of your facility “Optimum” Physical Therapy: Excellence, professionalism and a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

    Rest assured that should any of my friends need rehabilitation, Optimum Physical Therapy will be highly recommended.


  • Bulging disc, degenerative joint changes.

    My pain level has decreased considerably since beginning PT here. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I would recommend optimum PT to others.